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We hope this finds you all well and healthy, and mostly safe from any fire risks (aside from air quality issues). We are very familiar with many of the farms and farmers that are being affected, mostly in Vacaville & Capay Valley and we ask for good vibes to be sent their way.

Welcome to Prepped Kitchen! We recently started offering our Meal Service locally in Davis! With all of us sheltering in place here in Davis, our friends and neighbors have been asking if we can start servicing this area since we are not going to SF cooking for our Tech clients at the moment– “Absolutely!” was our response.  You can see our latest weekly menu here, which is updated on Fridays, for delivery on the next Wednesday. You can order via email, and we can bill you after delivery via PayPal or Venmo.

We now deliver to:

  • Davis
  • Woodland
  • West Sacramento (delivery window 4-6 pm)
  • Fairfield/Suisun (delivery window 1-2 pm)
  • Vacaville  (delivery window 1-2 pm)
  • Dixon  (delivery window 1-2 pm)

All of our meals are now available in individual Meal Prep portions!  The feedback from those who ordered individual meals this week was awesome, THANK YOU.  This option is perfect for gifting to family members or neighbors, taking to work for lunch/dinner, or for just having in the fridge for lunch throughout the week!

And, for every referral order we receive you will be gifted* a Family Meal, so feel free to pass on this email to friends and family. (*minimum must be met)

As you can imagine as a husband/wife business team in the culinary industry, things are so uncertain for us right now.  I’m SO happy to have the distraction of cooking for my fellow Davisites during this time, & hopefully it will continue even when our corporate clients return!

Feel free to pass on to your friends/neighbors if any are looking for new dinner options.  For reference, Instagram is the best place to check out our food pics www.instagram.com/preppedkitchen. You can also send us a note to preppedkitchen@gmail.com to be placed on our weekly mailing list with new menus.

Thanks again for all the support…

Eat Well!

Andrea & Charlie O’Hare

To place an order, or the be included on our weekly mailing list, please email us at preppedkitchen@gmail.com. Please have orders in by 8 pm Sunday evening. You can see our menu for this week here.