Weekly Menus

Menu for 10/7

Thank you, Thank you, everyone… We were able to meet our order maximum last week, and we are so appreciative for all of our PK Families!

We are going to expand our order capacity one more time, and if all goes well we will transition to online ordering through our website–Let’s make this happen together 🙏!!

This week, Summer is transitioning into Fall. We have Charlie’s (most requested) end-of-summer chicken corn chowder, AND our first pumpkin dish–creamy pumpkin orzo! 

Breakfast was a huge success last week. This week you can find a picture of our Red Chili Beef & Cheddar Omelet second from the left on the top of the menu. Thank you for all the great feedback!

Please have orders in by Monday morning. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday…